Evidence-based Practice & Research

Requests for Research Participation

Access to the NAHN membership for research participation is available for the purpose of academic and practice research that conforms to generally accepted norms and standards for survey research and informs health care leadership, workforce or health services. 

Requests for research participation will appear for 90 days or until data collection closes (whichever comes first). The request will be placed on this webpage, once in the NAHN weekly e-newsletter, and once on NAHN's social media platforms. 

Note: Some groups may apply for fee waivers; see policy for details. 

  • NAHN members: $250
  • Not-members: $500

Making a Request
Access to NAHN membership for the purpose of research recruitment of participation may be obtained by electronically requesting research participation using the below agreement form. Please send the completed agreement and all required documents via email to [email protected].

Include in your request email:

  • Completed agreement (linked below)
  • Executive summary of research proposal
  • Copy of survey
  • Warranty of IRB approval
  • Release from liability for NAHN
  • Language for publication, including URL (up to 75 words)
  • Letter from faculty advisor  (OPTIONAL, unless applying for the fee-waiver)
  • A brief explanation on the impact this research project will have on the Latino Community, and/or why are you considering Latino nurses for this research study?

Research Agreement

For assistance, please email [email protected]