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Letter from Vice President Kamala Harris in Support of NAHN

 Letter from Kamala Harris

Policy & Advocacy Committee

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) Advocacy and Policy Committee focuses on addressing issues that impact the Latinx/Hispanic community across the U.S. As nurses who belong and serve the Latinx/Hispanic community, we must shape the national dialogue of the issues affecting our patients and their communities. Our committee is dedicated to transforming the future of healthcare at the local, state and national levels. As policy makers, we provide expertise and perspectives on the social and structural determinants of health impacting our patients and communities. Our own cultural diversity impacts our ability to provide culturally humble, quality, safe, and patient/family-centered care and policymaking.


As Latinx/Hispanic nurses we advocate for and create just and ethical policies to advance the values of NAHN and the nursing profession. As the advocacy and policy branch of NAHN, we are a vital part of the national dialogue that addresses Latinx/Hispanic health and nursing.

The Policy and Advocacy Committee upholds the mission of NAHN by advocating for policy issues that relate to the Latinx/Hispanic community. We work collaboratively with private, public and federal entities to support measures that improve Latinx/Hispanic disparities in healthcare, public health, and health policy. We also address issues that affect the nursing profession such as the environment, human rights, diversity, inclusion, the nursing workforce, education and ethics.

Who we are:

We are made up of Latinx/Hispanic nurses from a variety of healthcare settings and across the country, which allows a diversity in perspectives and experiences on key policy issues. Through our active dialogue as a committee and in collaboration with our Board of Directors and our membership, our committee focuses on developing position statements, policy briefs, and white papers that address issues in the Latinx/Hispanic community.

NAHN welcomes opportunities to work with organizations that seek to expand access to health services, improve health inequities, increase the Latinx/Hispanic nursing workforce, participate in policymaking at the local, state and national levels and endorse policies that promote and improve health for all.


From the federal to the state level, NAHN is the voice of over 276,000 Hispanic nurses across the United States. NAHN’s policy goals include:

  • Identifying barriers in the implementation and delivery of health services to Hispanic consumers and recommend appropriate solutions to local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Disseminating research findings and policy perspectives related to Hispanic health care needs to local, state, and federal agencies in order to impact policy making and the allocation of resources.
  • Advocating for policy changes and perspectives- related to Hispanic health care needs- to local, state, and federal agencies in order to impact the allocation of resources for the Hispanic population.
  • Representing in voice and action the number of licensed Hispanic nurses in the US.
  • Identifying barriers to quality education for Hispanic nursing students and recommend appropriate solutions to state, local, and federal agencies.

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