What is the Council of Business Advisors (CoBÁ)?

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) community of thought leaders includes its CoBÁ members, who are ambassadors and partners with NAHN’s leadership in the organization’s advocacy and education efforts. This advisory group provides guidance and industry-leading expertise to support NAHN in improving the health of Latinos, the fastest growing demographic group in the United States. CoBÁ plays a critical role in:

  • helping identify Hispanic health trends and issues for NAHN to address
  • making recommendations on policy and programs that merit monitoring and action by NAHN
  • facilitating engagement with potential partners and sources of funding

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CoBÁ Members

Mission of CoBÁ

The mission of the NAHN CoBÁ is to advise and support NAHN in developing mutually beneficial relationships with global and national corporations, government entities, organizations, foundations and other appropriate partners. The CoBÁ collaborates with the Board of Directors to fulfill NAHN’s mission - to advance the health in Hispanic communities as well as lead, promote, and advocate for the educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses.


Types of organizations that join CoBÁ

  • Companies that employ nurses who serve Hispanic communities, or organizations that seek to increase the number of Hispanic healthcare professionals they employ;
  • Organizations interested in educating future nurse leaders or hiring diverse nursing educators;
  • Companies that are committed to supporting improvements in Hispanic health or have a specific focus on Hispanic consumers;
  • Businesses that are interested in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, including the advancement of Latinos in nursing;
  • Companies that offer products or services for addressing healthcare challenges faced by Hispanics, or that increase the effectiveness of Hispanic healthcare professionals.


Benefits of CoBÁ

  • Collaborate at the strategic level with the NAHN Board of Directors on business challenges and opportunities within the healthcare industry, nursing profession and Hispanic community that may impact NAHN.
  • Improve the lives of Hispanic nurses and the Hispanic community by aligning with other corporate sponsors to further the mission and vision of NAHN.
  • Strengthen ties with other major corporate sponsors while working in synergy with NAHN to advance the health of Hispanic communities and lead, promote and advocate the educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses.
  • Serve as an ambassador of NAHN.


CoBÁ Member Commitment

  • Must participate in CoBÁ meetings and activities (CoBÁ terms are annual, following the calendar year, with 2-4 meetings per term)
  • Must be a NAHN Corporate Member
  • Must be a NAHN Sponsor (cumulative annual investment of $30,000 or more). Click here for opportunities