What is #NAHNStrong?

#NAHNStrong is a program that recognizes individual NAHN members who treat others with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and civility, while working with or throughout their communities. #NAHNSTRONG honorees are NAHN’s good citizens who are dedicated to practicing social justice in their everyday lives. #NAHNSTRONG honorees are nominated by fellow NAHN members and supporters, and selected by the NAHN Communications Committee.


Nominate a #NAHNStrong member for the 2023 awards!

Do you know a #NAHNStrong individual? Nominate them for a 2023 #NAHNStrong award! All nominations are due by October 31, 2023.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Nominee must demonstrate one or both of the following #NAHNStrong qualities:
    • Treat others with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and civility, while working with or throughout their communities.
    • Good citizens who are dedicated to practicing social justice in their everyday lives. 
  •  Nominee must be an individual member of NAHN in good standing through at least December 31, 2023.
  • NEW! All individual member types are eligible, including general, student, nursing affiliate, international affiliate, emeritus, and affiliate.
  • NAHN members can only receive #NAHNStrong award a maximum of two times.
  • Members cannot receive awards 2 consecutive years in a row.

#NAHNStrong honorees will be chosen by the NAHN Communications Committee from the nominees, and will be recognized on NAHN's social media, website, and newsletter. 




2022 #NAHNStrong Members

zegers Carli exemplifies a #NAHNStrong nurse due to her commitment to leadership within NAHN but also her work in the community to improve literacy in the Latinx community. In addition, Carli is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of Latinx Nurse Scientist and Leaders. 
villanueva Lizette Villanueva PhD, RN, CNE, CHW is the definition of a servant leader. Lizette's career in nursing came from a deep need to help others. She see's herself and her family in her patients and students. She continues this deep-seeded passion by helping to build trust with her students, patients and colleagues because she genuinely cares about their welfare. As a member of multiple community organizations at the professional, university and community level, she has been able to establish a relationship with the her community that advocates respect, compassion, kindness and dignity. Lizette has been a fierce advocate for social justice at all levels and serves as an appointed member to the council of diversity and inclusion at her university which she cultivates diversity and inclusion as a strength across her campus and their partners by promoting cultural humility, awareness, inclusion, mutual respect and equity through training and educational programs. She was also appointed as a member of the social justice curriculum taskforce member to advance the mission of her institution by ensuring that all degree programs incorporate essential principles of social justice by establishing institutional curricular goals and objectives to promote social awareness and justice through education that will apply to all her institutions degree programs. She serves as a  role model in her community by not only mentoring and supporting students to pursue a nursing career but models culturally relevant care as a volunteer nurse with the public health department.  As a volunteer nurse she delivers nursing care to  improve the overall health and well-being of her patients addressing healthcare disparities in support of a high quality life for all. Lizette promotes diversity, social justice and caring in all she does and serves as a leading Hispanic voice in her communities. 
quintero Swazey is an exceptional nurse: she not only goes above and beyond for every patient, she is the only nurse I know who goes the extra mile to accommodate for her Latin/Hispanic community. I have witnessed Swazey sign up for extracurriculars that focus on inclusion for the Hispanic/Latin community - she has become a certified Spanish medical interpreter, volunteers with Borders of Hope to tutor those working on taking Citizenship Exam, & continuously looks for ways to help & give back to the underserved community. I also have knowledge of Swazey being part of Arizona's 1st, ever, CASPER SeroSurvey to help researchers & Epidemiologists  find what the underserved community in Maricopa County lacked, in terms of resources, when COVID 19 was at its peak. I want Swazey to be recognized for her efforts & this nomination would be a small token, if not just a reminder, that someone is always looking & acknowledging good deeds like the ones she provides.
munoz Edith has shown commitment and dedication to our local Dallas chapter and NAHN in numerous ways. As President of our chapter, she connected and coordinated with community organizations, and healthcare systems to provide community outreach events during the pandemic. NAHN members were frontline in the community to bring awareness, education, and resources for Covid-19 vaccines. The NAHN Dallas chapter's participation was essential as disparities in Covid vaccination among the Hispanic community were a major barrier to reaching community immunity. Edith's kindness and compassion were traits that engaged members to be present during these events as well as what she shared with the community members. When I joined NAHN, Edith's respect and dignity towards others were just a few of the factors that made me realize NAHN was a true familia to be a part of.  She has mentored me during some of the frightening times of the pandemic with her willingness to work within the community. Edith is worthy of this recognition for her outstanding practice of social justice to bring multiple access to care opportunities to our Hispanic community. She has truly set the bar high to demonstrate #NAHNStrong leadership and commitment. Thank you for all you do Edith!
montoya Marisol worked during the pandemic as a front-line worker. She is engaged with volunteer work with the Hispanic community and, as a NAHN member, works many hours as a board member and liaison with the scholarship committee.  She also is a midwifery student.
merida Having known Ashley since 2019, I am continuously mesmerized at how motivated and determined she is at upholding NAHN's mission and values. Ashley's unwavering kindness and wiliness to help propel NAHN Phoenix to greater heights is only matched by her desire to be an advocate for the Hispanic community. Ashley has been an active NAHN Phoenix member since 2016 and has since been recognized as one of our most actively-involved members. Ashley has joined multiple committees, such as, community outreach, membership, conference, and scholarship committees. Furthermore, Ashley has created a partnership with a local community college's Bilingual Nursing Fellowship Program in order to mentor Hispanic students and help increase retention rates. This would eventually lead to the creation of NAHN Unidos, a mentorship program in which Ashley and I co-created. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley single-handedly raised $4,000 to donate to an India-relief organization. During her three years as a Public-Relations (PR) chair, Ashley has revamped NAHN Phoenix's media platforms. Thanks to her strong social media presents, our chapter has the highest amount of social media interactions on multiple platforms. As her successor, Ashley continuously is continuously mentoring me. Ashley's dedication to the NAHN Phoenix Chapter has not gone unnoticed. She has received multiple accolades from our chapter, including Student of the Year, Member of the  Year, and Presidents Award. As our current President-Elect, Ashley is setting the foundation of  her presidency by already exceeding the expectations she has set for herself.  Ashley is undoubtedly a prime example of Hispanic Excellence and #NAHNstrong.   
kim Kim is an asset to Hartford NAHN. She works closely with her Latino community. She volunteers her time to provide her community with diabetes education. Kim, is a certified diabetes educator.  She is a wealth of knowledge.    Kim also believes in social justice. She brings awareness of racism in the Nursing community. She is advocate for equality amongst everyone!    Kim is serving of being recognized as a #NAHNStrong RN!
suzette She has a deep commitment to academic success and exemplary community engagement. She is a solid student pursuing her degree in nursing at St. Xavier University.  She is an exceptional and aspiring Latina who wants nothing more than to serve our communities and role model culturally relevant care. Suzette has been a member of NAHN-Illinois for years even while she worked on her pre-requisites for nursing.  She is a great role model for persistence as she gets to her goal. Trials and tribulations have given her much defeat, but she has gotten back up and tried again. Her family and friends are in awe, as she juggles what comes up in her journey. Suzette has good communication skills and is often sought for her excellent organizational skills. One of her biggest accolades is her talent to coordinate one of the biggest health fairs in Chicago Vive tu Vida. This event is a national annual Hispanic family physical activity and healthy lifestyle event. This free event features free health screenings, healthy snacks, and prize drawings.  She represents our chapter well as a leader and works with over 100 organizations who come together to provide information and services to offer free health screenings for the uninsured, underserved community. I believe Suzette embodies the essence of what we look for as a compassionate NAHNSTRONG. 
susana Incredibly giving of her time to mentor both nurses and students to reach their goals.  Gives so much time to volunteering for the community and advocates for patients and nurses!
corral Josie loves her current fulfilling career as a research nurse. Over the last 5 years in research, she has used every minute to absorb, learn, to successfully supported over 50 research trials. She has obtained certification and clinical ladder from Research Nurse to Lead Research Nurse and Educator at the Clinical Research Office at Loyola University Chicago. She continues to love the incredible research world and recently applied and got accepted into the PHD program at Loyola as she finds herself yearning to continue to grow both personally and professionally to continue to make a difference in research.  As for her personal and volunteerism work Josie has been part of many Covid-19 pandemic outreach initiatives with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses -Illinois chapter servant leadership community efforts. The Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for all healthcare workers especially nurses, as minority nurses the feeling of doom for our communities of color sure hit home and easily overwhelmed us. As Hispanic nurses we stepped up! Josie is our esteemed secretary for NAHN-ILLINOIS chapter and we are a tribe of like-minded leaders who support each other and the next generation of nurses. Josie continues to serve as a mentor for Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES) and has mentored some exceptional young ladies through navigating college years, being a minority in a large academic setting and the cultural family dynamics that come into play as first or second-generation college students is daunting and she is a blessing to them. In addition, this super mom is a coach for the ballfield girls' softball league. She is on the local little league board as the vice-president & information officer. She has skills as an athlete and lobes to support the young ladies work hard and succeed at their craft knowing it's just the beginning for them.  NAHNSTRONG is excellent to recognize Josie!
cook Pilar is the kindest nurse I've ever known.  She does home visits for the Spanish-speaking community with the grace of your most loved Tia. She treats nurses and students with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and civility while working and volunteering with NAHN. She will never leave anyone out.