NAHN Annual Conference Toolkit

NAHN 46th Annual Conference

NAHN Annual Conference: Make Your Case to Attend  

Build your case to attend the NAHN Annual Conference by focusing on the benefits of your attendance at sessions, such as: 

  • Concurrent Sessions in Education, Research/Scholarship, Evidence-Based Practice, and Leadership, Policy/Advocacy  

  • Latest trends in technology 

  • Best practices in service 

  • Effective leadership techniques 

  • Greater confidence and increased competencies 

  • Ways to enhance intellectual growth 

  • New, innovative resources for efficiency and cost savings 

Demonstrate your commitment and service to the association. Are you: 

  • Presenting a paper or poster 

  • Serving as a speaker or moderator 

  • Volunteering on a committee 

  • Serving as an officer of the association or a committee 

  • Serving on the editorial board  

  • Serving on a task force 

  • Sharing the results of your work with your colleagues 

  • Networking, benchmarking and sharing ideas with fellow nurses 

  • Getting involved in research or collaborative efforts for association improvement 

Emphasize the benefits to your institution, such as: 

  • The publicity that your institution will receive from you presenting a paper or poster 

  • The advantage of your ability to compare vendor products and services to make effective purchase decisions 

  • The opportunity for your professional development, which improves your competence and capacity building 

  • The opportunity for you to explore ideas, learn new skills, and translate these skills into tangible training at your organization 

  • The return-on-investment that your institution will receive from your attendance 

Need help convincing your boss to let you attend NAHN’s Annual Conference? 

Use the Make Your Case Worksheet to develop your evidence-based talking points. 

Communication phrases you can use for bosses might include: 

  • To be effective, I need to be in tune with the latest trends in nursing and in sync with technologies that will affect future clinical practice. 

  • NAHN’s Annual Conference is the one meeting that I consider absolutely essential to my professional development. My role as a nurse is to ensure that all of the health professionals in our organization have access to vital information. 

  • Attending NAHN’s Annual Conference will help me build quality, knowledge-based skills by exposing me to new ideas, best practices, and lessons learned. I will also have the opportunity to be introduced to experts in the field and to other health care colleagues. 

  • I’m confident that I’ll be able to share what I’ll learn with our full team in a meaningful way and gain hands-on experience with new information, products, and services. 

  • If you give me the go-ahead—and I sincerely hope you will—you can expect me to return from the NAHN Annual Conference with loads of practical ideas that I can put to work right away. 

  • Please let me know if you would like additional information or visit the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) website at for details about my professional organization and its activities. 

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Student Toolkit 

The Student Toolkit is designed by the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) as a bridge to the many resources available in support of your attendance at the NAHN Annual Conference. Stay up-to-date with a list of online tools.  

Within this toolkit you will find: 

NAHN 46th Annual Conference