NAHN Debuts New Covid-19 PSA Campaign

NAHN unveiled a new PSA campaign featuring members from across the country to educate the community on COVID-19 and how to reduce its risk and spread. The spots in English and Spanish will be rolled out to NAHN members and partners through various platforms.

The English- and Spanish-language campaign was led by Jennifer M. Figueroa-Delgado, DNP, ANP-BC,MS,RN and in partnership with the creative talent of Hugo Gutierrez, introduced by NAHN Board Member Adrian Espinosa, MPH, MS, PHN, RN, FNP-BC and the Greater San Jose Chapter. A special thank you to all involved for this important bilingual community resource.






-- Other NAHN Voices in the Fight --

Dr. Mayra Garcia

Dr. Gina Miranda-Diaz



Jennifer Gil



Jennifer Gil participated in a podcast and in a Univision Philadelphia newscast about dealing with COVID-19

Adrian Espinosa


Thanks to Adrian Espinosa & members of the San Jose Chapter for this powerful video about COVID-19


Among North Philadelphia's Latino Elders During COVID-19
Penn LDI Nurse Researcher Adriana Perez Focuses on a Particularly Vulnerable Population

Although they live in one of Philadelphia's most crime-ridden and  unhealthy neighborhoods, North Philadelphia's community of Latino elders has the benefit of having one of the city's most diverse health care workforces, says University of Pennsylvania Nursing School faculty member Adriana Perez, who provides care and conducts research there.

"The question of disparities and COVID-19's effect on older Latino adults who are already experiencing disparities is an important one, and the diversity of the health care workforce here is a real asset," said Perez, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN. She is an Assistant professor at Penn's School of Nursing, and LDI Senior Fellow, a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner at North Hancock Mercy LIFE in North Philadelphia, and past Chair of the Expert Panel on Aging at the American Academy of Nursing. Read more


Arizona needs every nurse to fight COVID-19, including undocumented ones like me - Opinion

I’m a registered nurse at a hospital in central Phoenix, where we’re gearing up for a surge of coronavirus patients. You can typically find me in one of our newly created “rule out” units. The people in my care are suspected of having COVID-19 but must spend eight hours in the holding area, separated from their loved ones, as they await testing results.  I’m also a bilingual immigrant who came to Phoenix from Mexico City with my family when I was 4 years old, and I take pride in being able to work with the large number of patients who speak only Spanish.  Read more

How Immigrant Medical Professionals Are Helping To Fight The Coronavirus
"I just want to keep my family healthy"

 Karen Garcia is a nurse at Valleywise Health Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., and cares for COVID-19 patients. "All of my patients are Spanish speaking, and being their nurse definitely gives them a sense of relief," Garcia said. "Each nurse cares for one or two patients at a time, but I worry about the coronavirus peak in late April because we could get many more patients per nurse."

The virus isn't the only threat to Garcia's future. She's a DREAMer, one of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children. She was 4 years old when her parents crossed the border illegally from Mexico. Read more 

Enfermera combatiendo el COVID-19 en primera fila, con futuro incierto debido a su estatus legal

Como beneficiaria de DACA, su estatus migratorio depende del fallo de la corte suprema, que puede darse en junio, según expertos. Read more  

Greater Milwaukee STARS Ask the Public to Stay Home During COVID-19 Spread in Three Languages


When a Facebook post by NAHN's Greater Milwaukee Chapter asked the community to stay home hit 8,000 views, President Erika Colon and the chapter knew they had to reach more people in their native languages. So she and her friend and colleague Nisreen Atta got to work. "We translated the messages to Spanish and Arabic, and made sure we didn't miss anything," Erika wrote in a LinkedIn post. Nisreen reached out to talented artists who created the signs (nursing students and students because we sure can do many things!) She recruited her peers in the Emergency Department and coordinated and ran the photo shoot. Oh yes, we are calling it a PHOTO SHOOT because everyone in these picture is a big star!  "Each STAR is asking you to flatten the curve by staying home, even if you feel healthy. It is beyond you or us. Help us protect those at higher risk." 
The overall membership of the Greater Milwaukee Chapter represents 13 countries and ethnicities who are fluent in five languages, serve the community in 11 different healthcare organizations, and practice in over 12 specialties.