2020 NAHN Elections - Slate of Candidates

                  Candidates for President-Elect

Mayra Monarrez, LT, CCRN, BSN
Not only do I want to inspire and motivate nurses to lead with confidence but also cultivate innovation within the healthcare system to promote effective policies and decrease disparities among Hispanic communities. I firmly believe that mentoring nursing students and nurses are the solution to advocate and promote wellness amongst our greatest traditions.

Adrianna Nava, PhD, MSN, RN
My Vision is to make NAHN a National Leader in Hispanic Health. My strategy is to focus on three main areas:

Membership Growth: We need a NAHN Chapter in every state, which we do not have. I will work to identify and mentor local nurses to build new chapters so we can truly advocate for Latino Health across the country;

Leadership Development: I will develop leadership programming with an emphasis on health policy training for our Chapter Presidents. This programming will provide the technical and adaptive leadership skills needed to do advocacy work at the community and state level. I will work to develop partnerships with academic institutions to ensure sustainability;

Community Engagement: Coalitions are the most effective way to build momentum on top health policy issues, so I will bring together Latino-serving organizations to amplify our voices at the national level. Right now, COVID and health disparities are front and center. Let’s work together to elevate the voices of our nursing profession, and the Latino community.

Learn more at: www.econonurse.com



Let my 27 years of experience with NAHN as an executive board member, committee chair, President of 2 chapters and a committed member show you that as President Elect with your help we can make a global impact.

My goals:

Financial Leveraging: Nonprofit organizations are rarely judged solely by their financial bottom line; instead, their worth is gauged by the effectiveness of their services and how successfully they achieve their mission. Start leveraging all of my resources to financially support, rebuild, and promote more corporate partnerships and sponsors with NAHN to financially rebuild NAHN globally.

Chapter Network/Outreach: Networking, outreach, and community support-within 2 months of being elected- I plan on reaching out to each chapter president and making arrangements to attend one event a year for each chapter to assist with recruitment, outreach, presence, and visibility in order to help support each chapter.

Membership Growth: I will do my best to assist every chapter with recruitment and visibility to help increase our membership. I will work closely with each of our board members to target chapter activities in a unified fashion.

                Candidates for Board of Director Positions (two available):

Lissette Altreche, RN
I had the opportunity to grow as a leader within NAHN and help create opportunities for NAHN NY Chapter Members during my time as a board member. I believe the work we did in NY made a huge impact on our chapter members. My time away from the board has helped me refocus and further my education as well as challenged me to change my field in nursing from Emergency room nurse to oncology nursing. I come with new ideas and a humble heart to help create an even better experience for our NAHN community. I am a hard worker and take on leadership roles I am passionate about. I am dedicated towards addressing the disparities Hispanics/Latinos face daily, while creating diversity within the workforce, guiding our future generations, creating opportunities for members and encouraging one another to reach our highest potential. I look forward to serving our NAHN Community.


Ruth Amador MSN, RN
The National Association of Hispanic Nurses exemplifies leadership, inspires collaboration, and fosters a sense of community across the nation. As a nurse educator, community leader, and representative of a professional nursing organization, cultivating a collaborative platform to bridge local and national organizational solidarity is the cornerstone of my platform to serve on the National Association of Hispanic Nurses’ Board of Directors. The advancement of leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses is multifaceted and requires innovative approaches to achieve outcomes that prove impactful to the delivery of culturally competent care. Leadership commitment will be placed on innovative methods aimed to sustaining strategies and creatively motivating the existing membership to become national advocates. Through advocacy, organizational cohesiveness, and shared professional expertise, my commitment aligns with the organizations’ vision on leadership, engagement and organizational growth. Dedication to theses core principles will give rise to the continuation of nurse leaders nationwide.


Gloria E. Barrera, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN
I seek your vote of confidence to serve as your voice at the national level as a proud and active member of the NAHN familia. Under my leadership as Treasurer of NAHN-Illinois for the past 4 years, the chapter’s operating budget more than tripled and has grown to being the largest chapter. With that came a greater responsibility to stay engaged with our members. I have executed several new initiatives to better serve our members with my focus always being on them. I took the lead in organizing Committee Retreats to further strengthen our leadership by ensuring our Committee Chairs had the support they needed to be successful and identified goals to reach. I spearheaded the opening and managing of a NAHN-Illinois “Swag Store” for members to feel a sense of community by showing their support to our chapter. I have been instrumental in creating innovative ideas for our chapter to further grow our mission, including, but not limited to, spotlighting our members via our monthly Newsletter, creating more networking opportunities such as Café y Chats, a Book Club, and by managing our social media platforms.

Before COVID-19 our chapter was well on their way to host a successful Inaugural Conference with a committee of strong leaders that I was appointed Chair of, it has now been moved to October 15, 2021. I host and promote our virtual happy hours in the wake of COVID-19 to honor our members on the frontline and offer them a time for self-care with activities like mindfulness exercise, chair yoga, and a guest comedian to share a laugh with to name a few.

My leadership and commitment to service has been recognized by several local and national organizations. I am the proud recipient of the 2019 Henrietta Villaescusa Community Service Award for my contributions and continued commitment to advancing the health of our Latinx communities. I would love to see a NAHN Nurse Leadership Fellowship, and shared this idea with board members immediately after hearing the road to FAAN panelists at LLI. I welcome this great opportunity to share my many talents, fierce leadership, and innovative ideas with you at the national level.



Crystal Loucel, MS, MPH, RN, HWNC-BC, AHN-BC
As Latino nurses, we are perfectly positioned to understand the complexity of the healthcare system and the needs of our underserved population. Our unique role combines understanding, compassion, knowledge, and advocacy to discussions. The Latino community is now the largest minority group at 18% but represents only 7.5% of nursing in the US. Studies show that minority health care providers at all levels are more likely to work in underserved communities. As a professional familia of individual members of NAHN we have opportunities to lead in designing healthcare recommendations and decisions across the country. NAHN's role as the only nursing association representing Hispanic Nurses is to advocate for Latino health by developing future leaders through formal and innovative programs for leadership development, mentorship, recruitment, and advocacy. This election, I hope to be your future Board Member to bring a unique perspective and partner with you in lifting up our gente.


Lisa Marie Pacheco, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
I am running for Board Member of NAHN. I respectfully request your support and vote for this position. I would like you to know a little bit about me and my nursing heart.

I am a devoted advocate for healthcare, with a goal to improve the health of the community. I am extremely passionate about being a nurse and see myself as an influencer for the future of nursing and nursing’s role in removing health disparities.

I am a founding member of the Nevada Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and currently serves as President of the Nevada Hispanic Nurses Association. I currently sit as Co-Chair of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses National Membership Committee and as Treasurer of Nevada Action Coalition for the Future of Nursing.  I serve as the Nevada Public Health Association’s Clinical Liaison and a member of the NV State College School of Nursing Advisory Council. I have the pleasure of being a member of the RNFormation Editorial Board, the Nevada Nurses Association’s publication. I have previously served as the Chair for Nevada Section of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrical and Neonatal Nurses, where I also sat on their National Policy Committee. I previously served on the Office of Minority Health’s Pacific & SW Region IX Health Equity Council and am a member of the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, along with numerous other affiliations around healthcare.

I have been a registered nurse for over 29 years. My nursing career has offered me the privilege of serving my community in many areas. I have been a nurse and/or nurse leader on a neuro-neurosurgery unit, GYN-oncology unit, neuro sub-acute unit, women’s health care unit, pediatric unit, pediatric ICU, labor & delivery, postpartum unit, a neonatal intensive care nursery, community resource center and a health and wellness institute. Currently I am the Director of University Medical Center of Southern Nevada’s Grants & Development office where I works with donors and grants on behalf of UMC.

I obtained my first nursing degree in New Mexico and my BSN at Nevada State College. I hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing with an emphasis in Clinical Systems Leadership, from the University of Arizona. I am a Board-Certified Advanced Nurse Executive. 

I appreciate your consideration and vote.



Isis R. Reyes, MSN, AG-ACNP-BC
What is it like to be undocumented? To be an immigrant? What is it like to like to be the first to go to college in your family?

I have faced many challenges through my nursing career but perhaps the most difficult was being undocumented. Would I be able to go to college? Would I be able to work as a nurse after graduation? So many walk in these footsteps. So many of our members live with this uncertainty but I am here to share my experience and lend my support. NAHN has played a crucial role in my journey and I hope to be able to serve this organization that’s has given me so much. I will run on the platform of innovation, mentorship, and advocacy. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn for more information about me and my campaign for Board of Directors.

                  Candidates for the Nominating Committee

Jennifer Gil, BSN, RN
My name is Jennifer Gil and I am honored to seek your vote for NAHN’s Nominating Committee. As a member of NAHN, I am inspired every day by leaders like you who are elevating the nursing profession. This year, I have the privilege to serve as President-Elect for NAHN-Philadelphia. My passion is promoting nursing excellence through innovation and transformational leadership. I have had the pleasure to serve on numerous local, state, and national committees and boards. Currently, I serve on the Board of Directors for the American Nurses Association. Clinically, I practice as an emergency room nurse in Philadelphia, while I simultaneously pursue my MSN in Health Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m passionate about elevating Latinx representation in healthcare. If elected, I will engage with members throughout the country to identify promising leaders that will uphold NAHN’s legacy of excellence, leadership, and advocacy.


Cabiria (Bea) Lizarraga, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC
I have been a past president and board member for our San Diego chapter. With my leadership we increased our membership and grant participation (Muevete). I am currently vice president for a major community clinic in San Diego/ Riverside County. I have been a lead at our Mexican Consulate in order for our community to receive flu shots with the help of San Diego Medical Society.


Lesly E Ramirez, RN
Hispanic Nurses are an inspiration to our community members. We should advocate to motivate the growth of Hispanic nurses all over United States providing them with the experience we have acquired in our on journey.