Help NAHN Grow During 2nd Annual Cinco en Mayo (and Junio) Membership Campaign

NAHN’s 2nd Annual Cinco en Mayo membership campaign is well underway. We are asking our chapters and members to be pro-active in recruiting new members and retaining existing members. The 2020 Cinco en Mayo Campaign runs through June 30.

NAHN has provided a tool kit and materials to supplement your efforts to grow your chapters and NAHN’s membership overall.

Ways to Recruit New Members to Your Chapter and NAHN

COVID-19 still has a deadly grip on the nation.  At a time when meaningful in-person contact with friends and colleagues is difficult, now more than ever we need the camaraderie of others. NAHN is running its second annual Cinco en Mayo Membership Campaign, our drive to grow membership and increase engagement.

We have put together 33 ways to help grow your chapter and increase NAHN’s effectiveness in a virtual environment. Here are a few of them:

  • Ask colleagues to join NAHN and your chapter
  • Give the membership chair one minute at the podium at every club meeting to promote membership
  • Have a special guest day possibly to present during virtual meetings
  • Hold high-profile meetings, such as virtual town halls
Read all 33 ways to grow membership .

Toolkit for Membership Recruitment

NAHN has a variety of tools to help you recruit members. From a full Toolkit to certificates of appreciation and thank-you notes, simple gestures can make your colleagues feel good about joining.

This Toolkit is full of great ideas for membership recruitment!

Other Good Ideas for Membership Recruitment
Send your chapter members  "thank you" notes for joining and renewing their memberships
Present certificates of appreciation to your  members
Craft an email invitation featuring chapter photos for a personal look and feel
(Hint: Click on the image below to take a closer look)

Call to Action

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses brings together health care professionals, administrators and academic leaders from across the United States to share ideas, advocate for and increase awareness of the specific health care needs of the Hispanic population. As a member of NAHN, you’ll join a network of members who study, teach and provide health care to individuals in the Hispanic community and beyond. In NAHN, you’ll find a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Being a member of NAHN can propel your career forward by connecting you with other health professionals as well as provide high quality training and exposure to leading-edge thinking and valuable peer networking. NAHN has eight different membership types to fit your needs and gives you access to 47 professional chapters across the United States. Learn more about membership benefits and dues today.

There is strength in numbers!